Updated AP Score FAQ

I heard that there have been some changes to credit by exam from AP tests. Why were these changes made?

In 2015 the Texas Legislature passed a law (HB 1992) that affects the way that public colleges and universities award credit for AP tests.  The intent was to increase access to college credit and improve retention and graduation rates for students across the state by requiring credit for AP scores of 3 or higher.


What has changed?

The changes vary by AP exam.  In some cases, the score range for receiving credit was lowered.  For example, you can receive credit for PSY 301 if you scored a 3 on the AP Psychology exam, which required a score of 4 or 5 previously. 

In other cases, the course for which you will receive credit has changed.  And in other cases, nothing has changed.  In every case, we believe that the new policies provide the best way for your hard work in AP classes to contribute to your success here at UT.


Where can I find out more about the changes that UT has made?

You can see a complete list of UT Austin courses, AP exams, and score ranges here.


When will these changes take effect?

These changes will begin with credit claimed in Summer 2016.  If you petition to claim the credit on or after May 1, 2016, the new courses and score requirements will apply.


Do these changes apply only to students who are freshmen during the 2016-2017 academic year?

No, these changes will apply to all students who claim credit beginning in Summer 2016 regardless of when they first enrolled at UT Austin. 


When should I claim credit for my AP exams?

It is always best to discuss your credit by exam options with your advisor.  S/he can help you make the most informed decision about how to best use credit by exam taking into account the specific requirements of your degree program.


What if I already claimed credit? Can I change my claim?

If you have already claimed credit, it has been written to your student record and cannot be changed.  However, for students who scored a 4 or 5, there have been very few changes: in almost all cases the course you can receive credit for is unchanged under the new policies.