Testing Locations and Admission

Where to go to take your test

Consult your registration materials to determine the location of your test. Many tests are given in the McCombs School of Business, Graduate School of Business (GSB) Building, Room 2.130, which is located across the street from the Perry-Castaneda Library (PCL) at 2110 Speedway.  Click here for directions to the Graduate School of Business (GSB) Building.

In GSB there are two testing labs.  Click here to see a map of the 2nd floor of GSB (note: The CTL testing lab is located where it says "CTL Testing" on the map).

  • Room 2.130N (not indicated on GSB 2nd floor map) is a computer-based testing ETS lab, where national tests such as the MCAT and GRE are given.
  • Room 2.130K (not indicated on GSB 2nd floor map) is also a computer-based testing lab; in it CLEP tests, MAT tests, and certain UT Austin tests are given.

During testing periods throughout the year, many tests are given in other buildings on campus; consult your testing materials to ascertain the testing location, or call 512-232-2662 for more information.

What to bring when you take a test

For any national test (such as GRE, Praxis, TEC, etc), it is the test-taker's responsibility to learn and to follow the ID requirements of that particular test. Non-US citizens must use a current and valid passport for admission to a test.

When you register online for a UT Austin test you will be given the location of your test room. At the test room, you must present a generally accepted form of photo identification. Without such identification, you will be admitted only if you bring and relinquish a photograph of yourself. For paper and pencil tests, you should take several sharpened No. 2 pencils to the test room; all other test materials will be provided, with some exceptions for some math and science tests. See those test descriptions for calculator policies.