CIS Important Dates and Deadlines


FAll 2015 semester

October 19-30 (closes at 5PM):  Official CIS Request Period

  • Authorized department CIS Contacts are responsible for requesting CIS (paper and electronic) on behalf of the associated department(s) and must ensure all CIS requests/records are accurately reflected in the CIS Administrative site by 5PM on the final day of the Request Period.

  • Enforcing this deadline is supported by policy; late requests/changes are not accommodated.

  • In order to access the CIS Administrative Site (i.e.. "authorized CIS Contact"), one must communicate his/her status as a CIS Contact to the CIS Office and complete the DI 901 training class (New Contact Training for CIS). Registration for the DI 901 class occurs via TXClass.

November 23-December 4:  Official CIS Administration Period (paper and electronic)

December 17 @5PM:  Paper CIS Return Deadline.

  • All Paper CIS must be returned in person to the Scanning Office or CIS Drop Box, both located in the GSB 2.100 Corridor.
  • Packets/forms may not be mailed back to the CIS Office.

December 21:  Provisional CIS Results for electronic CIS (eCIS) post to MyCIS. (*except for the Law School results)

*January 24:  Provisional eCIS Results for the Law School post to MyCIS.

January 29:  Provisional CIS Results for paper CIS post to MyCIS. (including Law School results)

February 12:  Official CIS Results post to MyCIS and the *CIS Results Site.

*CIS Results must meet the following criteria to post to the CIS Results Site:

  • at least five responses
  • at least 20% response rate
  • utilize a form that contains the mandated (via UT System & UT Faculty Council) "Core 12" survey items (i.e. all  CIS forms except the TA-series forms & FIG form)
  • be configured such that the data is officially "recognized" by the Institutional Reporting, Research, & Information System (IRRIS)