John Hoberman

John Hoberman

College of Liberal Arts
MOOC: The Heart of Globalization

Identify the historical and cultural systems driving globalization and changing societies around the world.

Globalization is a fascinating spectacle and a historical process of worldwide economic and cultural integration, that never ends.  Dr. Hoberman highlights how the increase in integration has not necessarily brought an increase in equality. Learners identify and analyze global systems that make competition the beating heart of the globalization process, for their economic and cultural well being.

Project Highlights:

  • Learners empowered to engage with modularized course content as they wish
  • Wide range of rigorous and engaging supplemental readings provided with instruction
  • Enhanced e-book provides additional sources of learning material
  • The edX Open Response Tool enabled students to engage with Artificial Intelligence self-assessment features to enrich their learning experience

Learner Insight:

I think the example of globalisation that I can provide from the perspective of a young girl living in Mauritius is the use of technology to access the world. Via the Internet, I learned about the world and the idea of studying an undergraduate degree abroad came to my mind. Through online application system named UCAS, I made an application to UK universities. I got an offer at the London School of Economics and Political Science to study a joint degree in International Relations and History. Without the Internet and global travel, it would have been impossible to contact universities abroad and to travel over there to study. In this way, knowledge from developed countries can be disseminated to international students coming from developing states like Mauritius and as a result, progress can be enhanced in these countries.