Jeff Hellmer

Jeff Hellmer

Butler School of Music
Jazz Appreciation

Jazz Appreciation introduces learners to the musical genre of jazz which emphasizing listening skills and comprehension of the process of improvisation. He livens the course through musical performances and weaves in examples that deepen the learner’s understanding of the musical processes of jazz. He also develops the learner’s ability to identify and analyze different jazz eras and great jazz soloists.

Much more than a lecture series, Jazz Appreciation incorporates cutting-edge adaptive learning technology that will allow you to practice your new knowledge and skills, at your own pace, until you reach mastery.

Project Highlights:

  • Engaging and adaptive learning technology, Cerego, that allows learners practice their new knowledge and skills, at their own pace, until they reach mastery.
  • Musical performances interleaved throughout the course provide a deeper understanding of the musical genre of jazz

Learner Insight:

This course is much more than only theory or history, it invites jazz fans to get involved and learn while listening how jazz has evolved throughout the years up to these days.

I felt that my background was inadequate to be here: no music training, barely heard any "proper" jazz.  I was not quite sure if I was hearing any jazz at all.  This course popped my head open.  I can enjoy now a genre that has been esoteric, obscure, closed, because before this training I did not have the tools to relate to its artistic language.