Daniel Bonevac

Daniel Bonevac

College of Liberal Arts
Ideas of the 20th Century

This is an interdisciplinary MOOC course targeted for delivery in the EdX platform that introduces students to the study of philosophy, literature, history, and art of the twentieth century at the college level and encourages them to link insights from various fields into a comprehensive understanding of intellectual history.  The intended audience consists primarily of students interested in pursuing college degrees. Secondary audiences include older adults seeking a more comprehensive understanding of the contemporary human condition and high-school students interested in doing college-level work.

Project Highlights:

  • Original high-quality documentary style video delivered in 9-13 minute segments.
  • Included rigorous and broad samples of supplemental readings from multiple sources
  • 800-2500 word written essay assignments. Open Response Tool pilot implementation provided experimental essay assessments in large open classes using edX's Open Response/Artificial Intelligence Problem (AI)
  • An enhanced eBook for multiple platforms via VOOK available for purchase

Learner Insight:

I feel this course has changed my life, at least intellectually. I have achieved exactly the outcomes the course intended for a student – a new world of ideas previously unknown to me had been suddenly opened. I found myself understanding, and sometimes agreeing with, people and branches of thought I previously looked down upon – Dostoevsky, the Bloomsbury group, JFK, FDR, Mussolini (!), the futurists, Borges. More crucially, the lecture has rammed into my thoughts the authors and works I did not understand before but find to be exactly what I was looking for – T.S. Eliot, Wittgenstein, Camus, Kipling. I think with their categories almost daily after the course.